Our team of highly skilled nurses are Debbie – our Senior Nurse; Mary, Irene, Gill and Anne. They all work part time so please ask the Receptionist if you wish to see a particular nurse.

The practice nurses have appointments throughout the day. We may need to ask you what your appointment is for as this sometimes determines the length of appointment. If you do not wish to tell the receptionist the reason for this that is perfectly acceptable.

Unfortunately, as the nursing appointments vary in length depending on the reason for the attendance, we are unable to offer standard appointment booking on-line at this time though we are trying to work out a way of doing this so that booking nurses appointments is as convenient as possible.

Appointments can be booked up to 3 months in advance.

All nursing services are by appointment only.

We have a very experienced team of Practice Nurses

They offer appointments throughout the day and also look after patients with chronic diseases such as Diabetes, Heart Disease, Asthma etc

They are lead by our Senior Nurse – Debbie

Debbie Hepworth (f)
Mary King (f)
Gill Nevill (f)
Irene Fisk (f)
Anne Parry (f)
Alex Bainbridge (f)
Lesley Glenton (f)